The 1 MILLION users celebration post!!!

Yes yes, you’ve heard right!

Porn Time is celebrating 1 millions users (we’re actually over 1 million already!!) and just wanted to thank all our awesome users for making this app into a super viral instant hit!!! This is like every developer’s dream… That something he (or she) made will become such an instant hit, so you can just imagine how ecstatic all of us are! We don’t think Popcorn Time rocketed this sky high when they just launched… We’ve reached 1 million users in a less than a month!! Hard to believe 😉

So thank you all!



We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce a fun new feature called:

The Panic Button“!
What does it do? Well if at any time while the app is open you want to close it immediately, you can hit the letter z 3 times, zzz, and it’ll automatically open YouTube and start playing “what you were actually watching” which are nerdish science movies Lol 😉 Yes, we’re brilliant hahaha!! So this feature is available on desktop now and will be added to Android a bit later.

Other than that we’re working very hard on adding more content sources that will provide more top quality HD full length videos to our database! And also iOS as we told you is in the making, hopefully we’ll be able to release the first version soon!

And for the future? Wow, awesome plans!
We’ve already started thinking about bringing Porn Time to Oculus Rift… just think of how awesome it could be to watch this content through Oculus Rift when it’ll be out early next year! We’re still not sure how we’ll do this, but it’ll definitely be done and this is what will make us from just another “Popcorn Time” fork, to a phenomenon on its own!

Thanks you all, this post is all you! Lots of love.

Richard and the Porn Time team.

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